Seven Hills Realty RVA

Seven Hills Realty RVA

400 North Media
March 24, 2015

Seven Hills of Richmond : The Making of a World-Class City and the Naming of a Real Estate Company

Don’t let Richmond’s modest, unassuming demeanor fool you. Urban legends, life-and-death war stories, historic firsts, world-class cuisine, even liberty itself have all sprung from the historic seven hills of Richmond.

Patrick Henry gave his “Give me liberty or give me death” speech in Church Hill. Not far from old Navy Hill, Maggie L. Walker rose to prominence as a teacher, community activist, newspaper editor, and businesswoman, being the first woman of any race (and one of only a handful of African-Americans) to charter a bank in the U.S., among other accomplishments.

The seven hills of Richmond gave birth to the nation’s first electric trolley system, cared for the ill and dying during the Civil War, and helped elect America’s first African-American governor, Douglas L. Wilder.

As the capitol of Virginia and one of the oldest cities on the east coast, Richmond has been in a unique position to influence and bear witness to history in the making.