400 North Media: The Story

400 North Media was born when an innovative marketing consultant, an Agile-trained project manager, and a highly skilled web developer got together on a side project–and no one said, “No.” In the beginning, they were their own clients, so they didn’t have the normal restraints of a client-agency relationship, such as budgets and timelines. Throw in unfettered access to caffeinated drinks, and you get …

… an experiment that goes way beyond everyone’s expectations.

An experiment that combines cutting-edge developments in technology, data analytics, and social media to create a revealing data-driven marketing model. A marketing model that’s agile and efficient, in large part because the developers could act on whatever ideas inspired them and work through any issues until they were satisfied with the results.

The end result? A new model for marketing, development, and branding that’s based on intelligent web development and data analytics–a model that can be replicated to build the media and marketing success of clients.

This experiment in marketing and development quickly grew into more projects and brought on more people until it snowballed into a new company: 400 North Media–a company named for the Starbucks at 400 North Robinson that they adopted as their office as they were kicking off their idea.

The project started with VCUSports.com, a sports news site for VCU sports that combines the best elements of successful fan sites and professional news media. In an effort to foster a long-term partnership with the school, the 400 North Media team took the time to develop relationships and get the proper permissions and licensing from VCU. The site was a fabulous opportunity for putting all their ideas into practice. By developing this channel for VCU, 400 North Media helped support and protect this very important and lucrative brand for the school and for the community.

The concept was successful enough that when word started to get out, potential investors started popping up, asking questions like, “How can we get involved?” and “What do you need next?” The founders of 400 North Media weren’t seeking investors, but when investors started seeking them, they found themselves with the backing they needed to launch a new media and marketing company.

After several iterations and a few changes to improve the initial proof of concept, 400 North Media continues to develop media channels in other popular markets.

400 North Media started as an experiment–a side project. And like so many good ideas, it evolved into more.

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