400 North Media
March 13, 2015
Digital Media Channels

400 North Media, based in the Greater Metro Richmond Area, owns community-based digital media channels that are present throughout Virginia. These channels provide professional local news and event coverage, as well as easy-to-track, easy-to-measure advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Our goal is to provide local businesses with digital access to their own communities while giving residents the local news and event coverage they want.

Because so many news outlets these days are owned by big corporations, they have trouble covering the local issues and events that matter the most in their own communities. Press releases and news stories can fall through the cracks. And, small businesses get priced out of these potential advertising channels.

Our community-based media channels solve both problems at once.

We connect local businesses with the audiences that are looking for their products and services. We keep our advertising rates affordable. And, we can track the impact of advertising by measuring specific data points, so you know who is looking at your ads and where your efforts are doing the most good.